Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Make your own apron

I made this apron for my friend Vickie (late birthday gift) who is wonderful in cooking (great chopping skills may I say). This was also a good chance for me to try out my new vintage sewing machine which works like a dream and it was quite affordable on e-bay.  Few things had to be fixed of course, but I still recommend old fashioned machine to anybody who wants to sew (not manual however, unless you want to be making apron for one month). And if you do get a vintage machine I really recommend Jennie (from London) who was really really helpful (and positive), it was so lovely to meet her!

Anyway I made the apron... happy happy! (I used to sew a lot in the past when I studied Fashion at Uni, so was feeling a bit nostalgic, missing all this sewing experience).... And this is how I wrapped the gift...
So how did I make it? Well... try it for yourself! The draft drawing might look too complicated for the beginner, but user friendly instructions will be coming out soon! Meanwhile drop me a line and I will be more then happy to help :)

1. First, Cut out the pieces of course! Give 3cm seam allowance everywhere except the pocket (square piece) which is 2cm allowance.
2. Then make two strips for tying on the back (long ones) and one for the head loop (shorter one) by folding in the ends, then the edges and stitching alongside.
3. Start with the main apron piece by folding bottom edge twice (1.5cm each time) and stitching it down.
4. Repeat the same with the top edge, except that this time insert the strip (shorter one) to make a loop
5. Do the same for the sides and insert one strip on each side to make the ties.
6. Now the last bit left is to fold (twice) and stitch the curvy edges (Tip: Use an iron to press down so you dont fiddle with that when you are sewing)
7. Can you see two tripple notches on the the top. Well, that is a guideline where the two pleats should go. So make a 2cm wide pleat and stitch down on the edge.
8. Stitch pocket edges same way as the other edges, just this time fold 1cm folds. Then stitch the pocket on the apron.

Done! Please let me know if you have any difficulty in understanding the instructions.


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