Sunday, 27 November 2011

Eton Mess :)

So, now when I live in Slough I cycle pass Eton on my way to work in Windsor. And I always wonder if this is the place where Eton Mess (meringue, whipped cream and berries dessert) originates from. So I came up with my own theory for it (prepare yourself for a long story)...

I will start by saying that Eton is filled with college boys (from age 13) that are running around like other normal kids, except that they are dressed in tail coats (otherwise called morning coats, which makes them look overly formal). I found that quite ironic (you know... kids look odd when they are put in boundaries like that)  so I thought of this theory: As a prestigious college, Eton college only served the most delicately presented deserts in their canteen....  however, one day one boy rebelled and said "enough is enough" and completely destroyed (and ate) a piece of "Pavlova" on his plate which later became so popular and started to be called "Eton Mess" . Ok, maybe this story is not as long as I thought, but it is not so far away from original theory. After a little bit of Googling I found out that "Eton mess" was served in the 1930s in the school's "sock shop" (tuck shop), and was originally made with either strawberries or bananas mixed with ice-cream or cream. Meringue was a later addition!

Eton Mess is really easy to make and there are so many versions of it. This is my version:


Ingredients: 4 egg whites
                    225g caster sugar
                    200ml double cream
                    1/2 pack of strawberries
                    1/2 pack of grapes

1. preheat the oven to 100C. Whisk egg whites while gradually adding sugar until it is thick and glossy. Lay it on the parchment paper and bake it for around 1 1/2hours (really watch it, because it really depends on the oven on how long it takes to bake)
2. meanwhile, whip the double cream and chop straberries
3. Mix baked meringue, whipped cream and berries together and spoon it into the sundae glasses.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Away from London

It has come up to a month since I exchanged my busy lifestyle in London for royal Windsor and I am ready to give you my feedback  so far. For those who did not know I left my old job for a cafe managing job so I get to learn practical ways to run my own cafe at some point and so far it have been life changing! Although I am learning a lot about the cafe industry (really enjoying that) the biggest thing that changed is my lifestyle. I am not saying that I am less busy, just that I am not living in such a rush anymore. The most amazing thing that now it takes me around 15min on the bike to get anywhere I need in town (that is a big difference to 1hour in London). So if I get a moment of "woops... I forgot my sandwich at home!" I have no regrets of coming back and getting it back. Well... that does not happen exactly like that, but you get the picture!
... And for the end here are some "royal" treats for you - the truffles...


Ingredients: 250g dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa content)
                    120ml double cream
                    50g butter
                    1-2 tbsp brandy or dark rum or any other liquor (I used "Tia Maria") 

                    15-20 glazed cherries
                    for rolling: cocoa powder, ground almonds, desiccated coconut etc

1. Melt butter and chocolate together in microwave or in the bowl over boiling water.
2. Remove melted butter, chocolate from heat and add double cream while mixing it well.
3. Let the mixture to cool and then put it into the fridge for at least an hour
4. When the mixture is hardened scoop with the spoon the small pieces of chocolate and cover the glazed cherries with that and shape them into to the small balls. Roll the balls into the cocoa powder or ground almonds or desiccant coconut.

These would go splendidly with the tot of sweat cherry!